About Us

Welcome to Kate Tuesday

So, Kate Tuesday has been down many different roads to get to where we are today.. and like any great story.. its a bumpy road. 

Kate Tuesday was designed and created by Sierra, a 23 year old with a love for all things jewelry + fashion. Now you may be thinking, where did 'Tuesday' come from? My middle name is Tuesday, and I was born on a Tuesday, so it has a meaning to me. As for the name Kate, I have always loved the name. In my mind it resembles sophistication, uniqueness and elegance. I wanted to combine myself with that and that is how my jewelry line came to be called Kate Tuesday.

Welcome to my wonderful world of creation where so much jewelry fun is brought to life!

Each package and piece of jewelry comes from my lovely office and is packaged with love + care.

We hope you feel at home here and love browsing our jewelry, accessories and clothes! I started this boutique as something fun to do on the side while in college. It has grown tremendously, more than I ever thought and I couldn't have done it without all of my lovely customers!

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I love hearing feedback, comments..suggestions.. or just saying hi!

love, Sierra